Submission Instructions

- Once you put an order in for a personalized item, you will receive an email with instructions to send me your handwritten note. 

- upload the highest quality picture or digital scan (.jpg or .pdf)

 Tips for capturing a photo of your recipe or handwriting:

- take a picture at close range, on a flat surface in bright light, without shadows. Do not crop photo. The image should be bright, clear and in focus. Outdoor light works best.

- if some of the letters from your recipe are faded, make a photocopy of the recipe, then trace over the writing with dark ink to make them legible before shooting. However, if I can see the stroke, I can recreate the word.

- If you do not have a handwritten version, handwriting can be engraved with a vintage typewriter font with a signature at the bottom if available. In this case, a typed recipe or select wording can be included in the personalization section on the product page.  Any digital files of the signature can be sent by email to Please proof spelling and wording before sending as I  copy & paste.