From Inside Out Creative Studio was founded in 2015 out of my deep desire to contribute something unique to the world that comes from the heart.  After 10 years as a professional photographer, I was no stranger to capturing emotions, stories, and memories, and I knew I could create a different kind of keepsake just as meaningful as a photograph.  

My journey to entrepreneurship began in 2003 when I became a mom.  That life changing experience instantly gave me a new appreciation for the little things in life.  My creativity developed through documenting the many precious and fleeting moments, milestones and traditions that followed.  This became so important to me that I was inspired turn my passion into my profession.

Like many, I have grown and evolved creatively, but what has never changed is my desire to embrace and focus on life experiences – joyful, heartbreaking and bittersweet.  These are what shape our life story and deserve to be shared with and remembered by those we love.

My business has truly become a way to express myself, a little escape from the chaos of mom life, and a special way connect with people on a deeper level. What sets my work apart from others is the quality, my attention to detail, my desire to give my clients the very best experience, and, most importantly, the heart and soul I put into my work.  I value spending my time making life meaningful both personally and professionally, so I hope my deep appreciation for all things sentimental shines through in everything I create and brings you as much joy as it brings me.

I am a proud Canadian maker and live in Regina, Saskatchewan with my husband, Jarrod and two children, Brady and Ryan.  Our family wouldn’t be complete without our three pets, Roku, our sweet golden doodle, Moesby, our moody fat cat, and the newest, Iroh, our crazy cockapoo puppy.  In the spare moments when I am not at the rink being a Hockey Mom, walking my dogs or in my studio creating, I enjoy travelling the world, trying new things, secretly adding to my plant collection, and of course binging a good series on Netflix.

I’d love to connect... until then, I’ll be here – probably a little over-caffeinated embracing both the messy & magical of life!